Belshaw blog roll

This page provides links to various blogs that I follow. Each link should open in a new window, allowing you to check and close without losing the main page. The list is not complete: I still have more blogs to enter. If you have a blog or know one that you think should be included, please email me at ndarala(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au.

In addition to this blog list, I also keep some special interest lists. Links to the special interest lists follow at the end of this page. There is some limited duplication between this list and some of the special interest blog pages.
  • A bit more detail. Canadian blog. Lots of useful links and round up pieces.  
  • A Good Whine. Clare Belshaw's blog. Writing, reviews, games. Irregular posting at present.  
  • Bill Mitchell - billy blog. Australian economics blog - focus on monetary theory
  • Abigail Nathan's Bothersome Words is a good practical blog for those who write.
  • Blog Herald. Not a blog, but lots on blogging. 
  • Catallaxy Files is an Australian group blog that bills itself  as Australia's leading libertarian and centre-right blog.
  • Michael Pettis' China Financial Markets provides useful insights into the operations of the Chinese economy.
  • Chistopher Moore's History News offers short daily posts on aspects of Canadian history and historiography.  
  • Club Troppo describes itself  as politics, economics, law and life from a 'radical centrist' perspective. Multi-author blog with an Australian focus. 
  • Darcy Moore's Blog is an Australian teacher's blog with a special focus on new technology.
  • Demography Matters. As the name says. Sometimes interesting by-ways.   
  • Don Aitkin's Blog. Politics, public policy. Skeptical about the science relating to human induced climate change. 
  • Feathers of the Firebird. Sophie Masson's writing blog.
  • Winton Bates' Freedom and Flourishing discusses concepts of happiness and  freedom from an economist and philospher's perspective with digressions into public policy and other matters taking Winton's fancy.     
  • Global VoicesCitizen journalism
  • Google's Australian blog.
  • Half an Hour. e-learning
  • Heroes not ZombiesNot quite sure how to describe this blog.
  • Lightbulb is Noric Dilanchian's legal blog
  • Living Authentically. Evan's life style blog. 
  • Maximos' BlogAustralian, but with an especial Indonesian focus.
  • Anna Carlborg's My Observations reflects on the interests and experiences of a Polish woman now living in Australia.  
  • Mukto-Mona Writers' Corner. Bengali Blog. Bangladesh 
  • Neil's Final Decade is the latest in a long line of blogs by Neil Whitfield (Ninglun). Life, literature, politics etc. The blog contains links to earlier blogs by Neil. A long standing favourite. Update. Neil's Final Decade has been replaced by Neil's Commonplace Book. I have left both links because Neil's Final Decade provides an entry point into Neil's total writing since he began blogging.   
  • On-line Opinion. An Australian e-journal drawing from the blogosphere. 
  • Ramana's Musings continues as my favourite Indian blog with its mixture of humour and life.
  • Skepticslawyer  is a group blog with a focus on law, life, education, policy and sometimes politics in Australia and the UK depending on where the writer's interests take them at the time. Some very good pieces.
  • Stumbling on melons. marcellous is a Sydney barrister. Some interesting legal pieces, lots on music.
  • Sydney - City and Suburbs is a Sydney photo blog. 
  • The Governance Blog: Public management and the state: Beginning a dialogue between two worlds
  • The Interpreter. Lowy Institute blog on foreign affairs. Very useful 
  • The Milk Maid Marion.  Very interesting blog from inside the world of Australian dairy farming.   
  • The Poll Bludger. Australian polls etc. For election tragics
The following blogs have been archived since they are no longer being updated but are listed here because they contain useful material of continuing relevance:
  • Aboriginal Art and Culture: an American eyeA very good blog an Aboriginal art. Will Owen died on 2 December 2015, but the blog is still on-line. .
  • Barbara Martin is a Canadian blog covering book reviews and aspects of Canadian life and history with a sometimes special focus on Canada's national parks. Strong visual focus.
  • A la mode frangourou. Food and writer's blog with a strong French focus. Australia's Northern or New England Tablelands. Sophie Masson is a well known Australian writer.
  • Burgh Diaspora. Blog on the relationship between migration and economic development. Focus on issues associated with depopulation.
  • Martin Lewis's Geocurrents uses maps to interpret current events from a geographic and historical perspective.
  • My Unwelcome Stranger. Writing, musings and dealing with a brain tumour (not negative). Northern Tablelands. One of my regular reads.Update: Denis died on 7 December 2013. The blog is still on-line and I have retained it here because of its value including its message of hope.  
  • Julie's Sydney Eye is a another Sydney photo blog. Includes links to a variety of other photo blogs from different places. 
  • Stubborn Mule.Interesting blog, if struggling a little with posting at the moment.  
The following pages contain/will contain blog lists linked to my special interests. Please note that with several hundred blogs in all, just recording them is a major task:
  •  History blog list is as the name says
  •  New England Australia blogs covers blogs about or written by people with connections to Australia's New England
  • Regional Living blog list covers blogs connected with those living in or interested in life in Australia outside Australia's metro centres
  • Managing the Professional Services firm  Blog List will cover my purely professional interests including media, internet, management, training, economics and the professions with a special but not exclusive focus on professional services management.