New England Travels

I am writing a book called New England Travels: journeys through space and time. The New England in question is Australia's New England, not the US variety!

The book is about New England and its peoples, but is not limited to that. It is part travelogue, part history, part personal stories and reflections. Some of the chapters center on locations, others on themes, all loosely linked around the idea of journeys through space and time.

The total length will be around 100,000 words, with chapter length varying from 500 to perhaps 4,000 words. Chapters will be grouped together in larger sections.

The book has been constantly evolving. I actually have a lot of material, far more than I need for a single book, so I have to work out what material to select.  I also find myself constantly sidetracked by new interests!

To provide some form of discipline, I do need to finish, I am posting draft chapters on a regular basis and will then list them here so that you can follow the project as it evolves.

Update 24 May 2019. Because these chapters are working drafts, I have not added images. I was going to select images later once the main text was finished. After feedback, I will add images in future drafts because it makes it easier to read. 

Update 20 July 2019. I have made very little progress, but am slowly getting going again. I am now just writing until the draft is finished. 

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