Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Pause for Reflection - interesting blogs

I said that while I was thinking through my approach to the UNE planning review I would do a post on some of the blogs I monitor on a regular basis.

Why blogs? I find that they provide a very useful and interesting way of keeping in touch in areas of interest.

There are now nearly 50 million blogs worldwide growing at something like 75,000 a week. For me to be interested in a blog it has to say something useful and interesting about an area of interest and to be updated regularly.

Italian's Insight to Travel Italy is a magnificient blog for anyone interested in Italy, Italian culture, food and wine. The pictures are mouthwatering.

Look and See, a pictorial journal of life in rural Australia, has a new daily photograph with a short commentary.

Adam Smith Esq is the best blog on I know on the economics and management of law firms. While law focused, it contains material relevant to the management of all professional servives firms.

Geoff Robertson's southcoast blog is an interesting and perceptive review from a left of centre perspective of American and Australian politics.

Gautum Ghosh's blog on organisation and management is written from an Indian perspective and often provides links to pages that I would not otherwise find.

Learning circuits is the e-learning blog sponsored by the American Society for Training & Development. It spans a range of education and training issues extending well beyond e-learning narrowly defined.

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