Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Launch of The Alex Buzo Company

Keeping Buzo flowing

The marvellous playwright and king of tautology, Alex Buzo, who died last year, was a firm R&M favourite. So it is pleasing to hear that his daughter, Emma, has formed The Alex Buzo Company, which will stage several of his plays. It will start with The Roy Murphy Show - his 1971 satire on TV sports shows which was inspired by Rex "Let me recapitulate back to what I said previously" Mossop and Ron "Won" Casey. The launch, involving a special appearance by HG and Roy, will be held at the Parade Theatre on September 4. As Rex would say: "I don't want to sound incredulous, but I can't believe it."

It's Nau laughing matter, Rugby Heaven

In a separate post on the New England Australia blog, I talk about the launch by Emma Buzo of a new theatre company to produce the work of her father. The new company will launch with a fund raising production of The Roy Murphy Show at NIDA in Sydney on 4 September.

Do please have a read and come if you can. I know that the tickets are reasonably expensive, certainly they are for us, but this is a chance to help set up something new.

The rise and fall of Alex, and now hopefully rise, as a playwright also links to the discussion that Neil and I are having on the decline (or otherwise) of Australian writing.


ninglun said...

And to think I once (1978) played the part of Clarrie the Rugby League commentator in The Roy Murphy Show!

Jim Belshaw said...

I had forgotten this one, Neil. You mentioned it once before.