Friday, February 01, 2008

Blog Performances January 2008

Overall total visitor numbers across the blogs follow as at end January. The totals exclude my own visits.

Assuming my maths is correct, early morning calculations are not always accurate, total visitor numbers of 3,656 were well up on the previous month's 2,844, back to the level of November -3,612. December 2006 saw the same type of decline.

Page views in January were 9,485 as compared to 7,447 in December, November 9,239. Since November was a record, I have held at the higher level.

Small beer I know in the wide world of blogging, but still okay.

I have been through performance blog by blog, but I won't bore you with this. I do intend, however, to make some minor changes in focus and posting patterns to fix up obvious problems.

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