Saturday, May 03, 2008

New England Australia Aviation

Having given up on the five random things about me meme, I thought that I should record that in the next stage of the evolution of Belshaw sans words, I have firmed up on the importance of themes.

I am going to take one theme at a time until I have a large number of posts. During that time I will retain one post as the first post, then switch as I switch themes. My feeling is that this will actually give visitors real value.

I am starting with New England Australia Aviation. Once this theme is finished in a week or so, I plan to switch to wool.

I am quite excited by this.

We live in a fragmented world. If I can show coherence within a slice, then I think that I will have added real value. And there are so many topics. At a post every day or so, it will take me me two months just to give a taste of, for example, New England's Chinese heritage. This would then show my Chinese colleagues something about their Australian past.

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