Monday, March 30, 2009

Tingha Community Regeneration Continues

In Tingha - a case study in community regeneration I reported on a new bottom-up initiative to rebuild Tingha, a small community an hour's drive north west of Armidale, 15 minutes drive west of Inverell.

Community facilitator Bob Neville has just sent me the latest newsletter. It's not on line yet. I will provide a link once it's up.

The Tingha story is really quite inspiring. This is the type of work that has a direct impact on people's lives at local level.

I will do some linked stories on the project a little later. For the moment, I just wanted to record the fact that that there has been progress.

And congratulations to all those involved for Tingha's success in winning a special judges' prize and $16,000 in the national $100,000 Me-Change competition.

The competition, run by ABC Rural and ABC Sport in conjunction with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, will help 10 small communities tackle local problems such as obesity and social isolation.


Webmiz Christine advises me that the link is now up. You will find the latest newsletter here.


Christine webmiz said...

newsletter is now :-)

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Christine. I will put the link up on the post tonight.