Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First moon landing anniversary - where, on earth, was the Dish?

The Dish

I know from a wander round the blogosphere that a number of bloggers spotted the significance of the Australian film the Dish. After all, this is the story of the moon landing from an Australian perspective and a very funny film too. However, there is a broad question, one that a reader may be able to answer.

There we were watching TV and my wife said let's watch the Dish. So we searched all the channels, free to air and pay, to find that no-one we could find was running it. It left me wondering just what blithering idiots were in chargé of programming at various channels.

Here you have a world story, the first landing on the moon, in which Australia played a part. And nobody thought to run and promote a very good Australian film that tells the story in a very funny if slightly fictionalised way. Why not?

Quite odd.

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