Thursday, December 31, 2009

The fun of blogging!

I had no intention of doing another post in such a quick time, but I have just been doing a follow up on my emails and could not resist it.

Gayle contacted me because of Managing the Professional Services Firm. She wanted some advice.

But Gayle is also the daughter of a former UNE economics staff member whom I know quite well. The initial email led to an interchange with Paul Barratt and John Myrtle.

I have mentioned Paul many times before. He is very sympathetic to the Arab position. In an email just sent to Paul I said that the current Iranian regime seemed fascist. Iranians are, of course, not Arabs, but the general comment re Paul still applies.

As it happened, I then checked Paul's blog. His post, Iran: A regime in trouble, strikes me as a remarkably informed comment. I have learned more from Paul's Iranian posts than any other single source.

John was at school with Paul and I. I have not seen him since, so finding out what he has been doing if in fragmentary form has been fun.

None of this including my post New England Story - Leslie Hubert Holden and the DH 61 Giant Moth Canberra would have been possible without blogging. It's just so much fun.

I think that the big advantage of Twitter and Facebook is that it's reduced the ephemeral in blogging. Increasingly, I think that blogging is becoming the domain of those who want to talk in a more detailed way. And that's fun.  

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Neil said...

...the big advantage of Twitter and Facebook is that it's reduced the ephemeral in blogging...

I agree.