Monday, March 21, 2011

Working with two screens

Because of the work that I'm doing just at present, I am using two large computer screens. I had worked  with large screens before, they are great for spread sheets, but not two screens.

Such a simple thing, two screens, but a wonderful aid to productivity. Like most of us, I have of a number of programs, browser pages or documents open at any one time, clicking back and forward between them. With two screens, I can keep the main document I'm working on open all the time on one screen, using the other screen for the reference material I need to check or incorporate. 

The gains in time and indeed accuracy are quite remarkable.

I mention this here because people's first reaction to the idea of two screens seems to be that it's a luxury. Certainly very few businesses that I have seen provide people with more than one screen.

Now when I come home from the office to my single screen, I miss and want my second screen! Now that's more money that I have to try to budget for!

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