Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Belshaw blog roll

As I have mentioned before, one side-effect of my computer problems has been loss of access to all my bookmarks, including my blog lists. This has proved quite painful!

As a part resolution, I have begun the process of replicating the blog lists on stand-alone pages on all my blogs. This is quite a slow process - if I allow just three minutes to find the blog then enter it onto a page (and that's not a lot of time), then I am looking at at least ten hours input time, a much longer elapsed time. 

I mention it now because I have created a second page on this blog, Belshaw blog roll, that will ultimately provide access to all the blogs I follow either direct or through links to the equivalent pages on my other blogs.

So far I have twenty blogs listed directly, plus links through on a subject or area basis to another twenty six blogs relevant to other sites. Not a lot yet, but it's a start.

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