Monday, November 28, 2011

Random snippets

Brief snippets this morning.

Skepticlawyer's Snowtown is a brilliant piece of writing. I still don't want to see the movie, but she almost made we want to.  Cast and audience at production of Who

This photo by Lloyd  Carrick accompanies Katharine Brisbane's story in the Australian, Audience left behind in the dark. It shows cast and audience close together at a performance of Jack Hibberd's Who at Melbourne's La Mama in 1970. its a rather wonderful photo redolent of that time and place.

Katharine focuses on a particular aspect of the changes that took place in Australia during the 1960s and 1970s. I have a different focus given that I am interested in regional differences, but that will have to wait until later. Hopefully, Katherine's piece will remain outside the fire wall.

In David Duffy & the Bertrand Russell award for service to humanism, Rafe records that he plans to use the proceeds from his wife's (Kilmeny Niland) on-going book sales to provide modest awards designed to perpetuate the memory of others who have shown the way in various fields, hence Bertrand Russell in humanism. Others under consideration are a James McAuley award for poetry, criticism and scholarship, and a Brian Penton gong for high journalism. What a good idea.

Neil Whitfield has been digging back into his family history following the death of his Uncle Roy. Turns out he (Neil) has a cousin who also did archeology at UNE and has made something of a profession of it through High Ground Consulting, a heritage consulting business. We UNE people get around!

I too, have continued my digging back through family photos. This postcard shows where the Belshaw's came from, or at least where they lived for a time. 

Walthew Lane Platt Bridge

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