Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ewes and Rams

Only in Australia would you see this, and now much less frequently since Australia fell off the sheep's back. Now most Australians, I suspect, wouldn't know what a ewe or ram was.

Many years ago I remember going to the Edgeroi Urge,  an all-night recovery dance held after the Bachelors and Spinsters Ball. The thunder from the men's tin urinal between dances was almost deafening! P1000126 3


Rod said...

ram is how powerful your computer is, ewe is something you say when city people see sheep crutching.

Anonymous said...

It's very sad to read the quite meagre Wiki article.

I'm sorry Jim but all I feel is sadness viewing the 'Rams and Ewes' toilets picture. Rod's probably correct, but if so, I think that's more a comment on us (or maybe just me) than on the B&S crowd - who are really quite the sort of people I'd rather share hard times with, rely upon, be honoured to be accepted by, etc..

Or maybe you are being political? If so, how much did the COLA cost that little community?


Legal Eagle said...

Hah, funnily enough I was telling my daughter the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece, and when I got to the bit about the fleece of a golden ram, she said, "What's a ram?" So I explained.

Jim Belshaw said...

Just back from Moruya, No, I wasn't being political, kvd. I share your sadness. It recently cost $900 to repair a tap in a remote community. The tap was $45, the rest was plumber travel.

We have ripped the guts out of the country. Some of that is due to economic change affecting specific sectors. I can accept that.

More is due to damage afflicted in the names of the great gods "efficiency", "productivity improvement", and "cost reduction." I cannot accept that, at least in the way it is usually put.

I feel a post coming on.

Jim Belshaw said...

Well done, LE!

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Jim. If something I said annoys, I apologise.

But just be aware that I, like most 'older Australians' have relatives still fighting those same battles, on the same battlegrounds and, God knows why, with the same sort of doughty optimism.

What I'm saying is not that I admire 'what they did' but more 'what they still do' in spite of every obstacle thrown up by we city folk who 'know better, know what's economically rational'.

Anyway, you go for it.


Jim Belshaw said...

I was in no way angry with you kvd. We talk from the same script!