Thursday, April 05, 2012

That crumpled look

Today I found my mind drifting again to clothes, following on from Refashioning Dad and then End of the fashion big brands?

One thing that I has amazed me a little is the return of the crumpled look.

If you at old photos other than posed shots, you will see that clothes are often very crumpled. It was just such a pain to press things, if indeed you could. I actually remember the old irons heated on top of the stove, for they lingered on well into the fifties if only in store.

Now when I look at fashion shots, both men and women sometimes look very crumpled indeed.

At one level I don't mind. Crumpled saves time. At a second level, I do wonder.

Why pay a huge sum just to look crumpled when you could achieve just the same effect by sleeping in your clothes overnight? It's on par with It's on par with what we might call "aged" jeans. Fancy paying a premium for a piece of clothing when you can achieve the same effect through normal wear and tear!

But then, I will never be a dedicated follower of fashion.    


Rummuser said...

It is also due to returning to 100% natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool instead of blends or pure synthetics. Unless one is willing to starch cotton garments, which are the most popular, they tend to crumple up. I am finally glad that the fashionistas consider that as chic!

Jim Belshaw said...

Interesting comment Ramana. Linen especially is an interesting case because it does crumple quite badly. It also needs a very hot iron. Still, there is crumpled and then there is crumpled, if you see what I mean.