Sunday, May 27, 2012

End of days

I am going of-line here for at least a week, although I will try to respond to comments if I can.

My world has changed in a quite fundamental way. As part of that change, I am moving to a new house later this week.

As I move, I think just how lucky I am in my blogging friends, those who blog and those who comment.

You are great. You challenge and inspire me. That's really special.

All for now. talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Jim, while you're off-line, and if you get some time, have a browse round this site:

I'm back to page 13, and still finding quite remarkable value in both the writer's musings, and his linked pieces. In a world of information overload and repetitiveness, this is very unusual for me.

With wishes for safe travels.


Evan said...

Hope it's nothing too bad and a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...


your title reads rather ominously and your rather cryptic post adds to that impression. I hope the changes to which you refer are major rather than unwelcome. If unwelcome, then bear up!

Moving is horrible. I avoid it. The downside of that is that clutter accumulates without check.

You have made me think of a film which touches on this sort of thing: "Last Days at Chez Nous," filmed by reference to a house at Bellevue St, Glebe.

Rod said...

Marcellous is exactly right, your post title is ominous. I hope that all goes well over the next week or so. I hope that the difficulties you are having are short term and can be overcome easily... and We'd hate to loose your blogs! Even now I'd love to have heard your thoughts on Windsor and Torbay!

Jim Belshaw said...

JHi all. I'm fine, just in a degree of personal chaos. Still don't have a working internet.

kvd, that was a nice link.

Winton Bates said...

Good to hear from you, Jim. 'End of days' sounded a bit final!