Saturday, July 14, 2012

Australian Story - Letters to the editor

This story made me cry, not in a bad way, because it struck at the heart of my own emotions. I quote from the program web site:

It's a time of unprecedented crisis in the newspaper industry. But this week's Australian Story is about a former big city journalist who's bucking the trend.

James Clark had been living the dream in Paris when he decided to put his future, his relationship and the family sheep station on the line to chase his dream of running a little local newspaper in outback Cunnamulla.

The paper is called the Warrego Watchman and it has even developed a fan following in the big smoke where Kevin Rudd is a regular reader.

Clark ruffles many feathers. His take no prisoners tabloid reporting style gets the locals offside. Even his own father is moved to write a scolding 'letter to the editor'.

And his brother is worrying that the family's 60,000 acre sheep property 'Pabra' is being neglected.

Meanwhile, back in Paris, the love of Clark's life, actor Josephine Birch is deciding whether to throw it all in and join Clark in his remote corner of the Outback...

I don't know how long it will be on-line. For the present, you can watch it via the above web link. 

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