Thursday, November 22, 2012

A pork chop and salad

No post here yesterday. What is the world coming too?

I haven't been totally idle! Yesterday's main post was UNE's trimesters hit Armidale economy. This was is important to me in a personal sense, but it's not without broader significance. Here have a look at Dean Ashenden's Decline and fall?. I hope to write more on this tomorrow. Then early this morning I had to write my Express column.

My pork chop is on. My salad comes entirely from the garden. Over-sighted by kvd and Legal Eagle's chairs, I picked beans, lettuce leaves, spring onions and tomatoes. To give an Asian feel, I have some chili marinating in fish sauce. And no, pedant, I didn't grow the fish sauce!  

Since you are still being pedantic, apple sauce doesn't go with chili! Or maybe it does?