Wednesday, September 25, 2013

History, management, age and the search for relevancy

On yesterday's post, History, history wars and the wonder of the on-line world, I brought up the video that youngest (Clare) told me about introducing the Punic Wars. This is the second video in the series:

Love it. You see, one of the problems in sharing history is to provide the context. With videos like these, you can provide an easy overview and then start adding detail and texture.

Last night youngest and I chatted over dinner about our mutual plans. She is editing the fantasy novel that she wrote at school, greatly shortening and tightening it. We spoke of my plans, including my need to learn more about videos and podcasts. It's actually quite hard as you get older to stay current.

My next short term writing target is to capture some of my management writing in an e-book. Talking to a friend, AC, about my plans, she commented on my focus. I am very focused, driven even, but I also struggle with priorities and deadlines given that a large slab of my time has to be devoted to earning an income to support my writing addictions.

Here, by the way, I thank kvd and Scott for their contributions to the Keep Belshaw Writing program. I was especially touched by Scott.This was Scott's message by PayPal:

Our country needs keen minds to keep bringing their ideas to the public. Your work compares favourably to equivalent journalists and should be supported.

Scott is making his way in the world and doesn't have a lot of money, so I was especially grateful.

Anyway, Clare and i were talking about the way i might use podcasts and videos to support my better management messages. She is going to follow up with some of her friends re gaining me support.

Today at work, I talked about some of these issues with colleagues.None of my writing occurs in abstract. It is always influenced by current experiences. That, I think, is why I am so concerned about getting older. I need relevancy. I have to stay in touch.

How else can I apply my experience to current events?  How else do i get my messages across?

With some of my management material, I need to take actual workers and incorporate them in some way. That is why I am interested in video. We shall see what emerges.       


Scott Hastings said...

unfortunately management can only manage the team they have - so many times i see companies with terrible HR departments making terrible hiring decisions, including for leadership positions. very few companies have hiring practices that truly match them with the best candidates possible.

Jim Belshaw said...

I think that there is some truth in that Scott, although from a management perspective you have to manage with what you have. How do you get the best results regardless?