Thursday, March 13, 2014

Problems with Livewriter and Outlook

I really hate modern technology sometimes. Its just so useful but, conversely, when things go wrong?

Livewriter has been my friend ever since Neil Whitfield introduced it to me. I have used i for all my blog posts except when travelling when I have had to use Google’s relatively clumsy editing system.

A day back, I received a message saying my version of Livewriter was no longer supported. As a consequence, I could not load the post. I did one post using the blogger post system, then searched around. Finally, I downloaded Windows Essentials. That took hours.

Now I have Windows Live Writer working again, but outlook has stopped working. I just get a message saying the interface has returned an unknown error and restart the program. I do, but get the same message!

Oh, and in passing I picked up that support for Windows XP finishes in April. 



Neil said...

Yes, these days being down to the small notebook I call "Baby HP" I am also using XP and an elderly version of Live Writer. So far all is working!

Jim Belshaw said...

And long may it continue, Neil. My outlook still isn't back.