Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NEWC response to the NSW Government’s discussion paper on a NSW cultural policy now on-line.

Some time ago, I referred to the response from the New England Writers’ Centre to the NSW Government’s discussion paper on the development of a cultural policy for NSW. I promised Evan who wanted to read it that I would place it on-line and then let him know. I have now posted it to Scribd.


Evan said...


Jim Belshaw said...

Will be interested in your reactions, Evan.

Evan said...

Thanks Jim.

That is a great model of how to respond to government policy I think.

As the sources of our electricity and the kinds of fuel change I think it is likely that the local/ regional/ national/ global relationships will change. We have much to think about and to adapt to I think.

We (my wife and I) have moved to Hobart. It is interesting for the arts. The isolation has bred lots of home grown activity - but most of it lacks funding. I guess it is similar to Northern NSW in some ways.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Evan. I hope that you both enjoy Hobart. Funding is short there, but relative to its size Tasmania has a hell of a lot more than Northern NSW simply because it is a state.

Anonymous said...

ex ante:

From the viewpoint of organisations such as the New England Writers' Centre, the first critical question is whether Government action directly supports, hinders or is simply irrelevant...

ex post facto:

My understanding of the system was that it was there to support those producing cultural works: artists and writers. This proved naïve. The true purpose of arts grants is for one set of arts bureaucrats to provide funding to create a new generation of arts bureaucrats. The qualities most highly valued by funding bodies are the ability to reproduce accurately the funding body’s logo, and to file a report that can be included in their annual report alongside words like “new,” “innovative” and, above all, “successful.” (Charles Firth, Sydney Museum of Words)

Must admit, I am starting to feel some sympathy for the poor harried bureaucrats who have to make some sort of sense from all this tosh; to fit it within their own personal KPI's :)

Evan, I wish you and family well in Tas.


Evan said...

Thanks kvd.

I have much sympathy for Mr Firth's statement.