Saturday, November 07, 2015

Updated blog list for Personal Reflections

Having updated my separate history blog list, I have now largely finished the task of transferring book marked blogs from my aging and collapsing internet explorer to my blog list page on this blog., although I still have a few to go and some checking and tidying up to do.

I now have some 43 blogs listed along with a brief description of each blog. This will make it easier for me to do my rolling blog checks and to properly resume my regular round the blogging traps reports. Bit sad though just how many of my old favourites have dropped out.    


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, just a shout out to AC's blog.

I flicked over to see what she was writing about lately, and found a post back in October on Wojciech Fangor which I read because this artist came up in one of your own older posts. I'd like to highlight this post because of one of Anna's own follow-up comments on her post - in fact the last comment attached to that post, where she discusses her life under communist rule.

You should read the comment in full for context, but I was particularly struck by her sentence: I could have seen more than I decided to see.

How searingly honest is that!


Jim Belshaw said...

Ac has some very interesting posts. I agree with your point in regard to the comment thread. I think, however, that AC is too hard on herself. She was young and making her way in the system that stood at the time. You have to ask the question if she had decided to see more, what would (could) she have done?

I am far more critical of the left intellectuals especially in France but also in this country who had access to the evidence but still continued to defend the Soviet system and especially attack those who opposed it.

It becomes complicated, though, at least in my mind. Australian painter Noel Counihan - - remained loyal to the Communist Party through the turmoils. His art is social realism, but there are some striking pieces there. If Counihan had not been a devout communist, we would not have those pieces.

One of the interesting things about AC's blog is that because she comes from a different perspective, her personal histories are so different from say mine or your, she encourages us to ask different questions. I fear that my thinking is still very muddy on both questions and answers!

My Observations said...

People are talking about me behind my back! Wow, I am flattered. Must be getting famous or something? (lol) Yes, honesty and friendship are my core values, so I do not hide them. And I consider my choice, even if not fully understood at the time, rather sensible. I chose normal life rather than life of a persecuted hero. Not many of us manifest against things we do not like in Australia either. Jim writes about it, but this is not dangerous here.

I invite KVD to my Polish/Aussie blogging village. There is some courage in me after all.

Jim Belshaw said...

There you go, kvd, an invitation!

Anonymous said...

Hi AC - nice to see you here commenting. I'm not much good at village life; not for nothing my property is called "Eagle's Nest". I was just simply acknowledging, and admiring, your ability to phrase something so well, and with such honesty.


My Observations said...

Hi kvd,

Thank you for the acknowledgment. I will have to live with the refusal.