Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sydney's last Chinese market gardens

The Chinese started coming to Australia before the gold rushes, but then they came in their tens of thousands. Many later became market gardeners.

These are the Kyeemagh Market Gardens in Sydney just near where Clare plays hockey. This land has been used as market gardens since the late nineteenth century. These are still associated with the Chinese community.

Not far from Keemeagh is the last market garden in La Perouse.(and here). A friend wrote on La Perouse: This "is the darling Chinese veggie gardens that we are all fighting to save at La Perouse. They don't care much for their property seemingly but they are fighting tooth and nail to save their dwindling veggie plots! People are dying to get into them".

They are indeed. You can see why. They are some of the last "vacant" land in a growing city.I have just lost my local nursery. It would be nice to think that the Chinese gardens could survive. 

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