Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Australia's apparent internet woes

I'm on broadband via ADSL connection and it's really frustrating. For ordinary purposes its okay, but uploading can sometimes be difficult while downloading outages while watching TV on line - something I do a fair bit off when catching up while cleaning, cooking or eating - can be very frustrating.

 On 26 June 2016, the Australian media carried reports from networking firm Akamai Technologies that Australia now ranked 56th in the world for internet download speeds. Then yesterday, a Financial Review report quoted figures from the telecommunications industry consumer group the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, suggesting that roughly 1.8 million homes have no access to adequate broadband services with a third of those due to existing exchanges being full to capacity.

If I interpret the story correctly, part of the problem lies in the mismatch between NBN and commercial plans, part the chops and changes made to NBN, part lags in the NBN roll-out. Its not just country areas, but also metro localities that you would expect to have good coverage.

We now have two quite different problems. One is trying to improve Australia's connection speeds, a second just making connection available. It all strikes me as a bit of a mess!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I see I used my new, you beaut, superfast, internet to note that I had a new, you beaut, internetz. But on your earlier post :)

Also, if anyone has a recommend for video which is actually worthwhile sitting in front of a PC to watch, I'd be most grateful.


Jim Belshaw said...

Will think of a video. But that also seems a rather nice challenge for a forum!

2 tanners said...

Who'd a thunk 30 years ago that satellite communication would be a by-word for slow and unreliable? Jack Waterford has written in the Canberra Times that maybe MT can throw off the antediluvians in his party by essentially blaming them for the campaign loss/near loss without saying so, and putting in brand new solutions like a better NBN.

I think Jack is being atypically optimistic, and that the hard right spend their time manoeuvring to have MT twisting slowly in the wind, and certainly blocking any reform. MT lost his chance when he caved in in the first place.

I don't think anyone can feel happy, apart from Christopher Pyne who seems to think that scoring more seats but less votes is a victory worth celebrating.

I have no idea if you can get it on PC, but The Magic Christian (Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr) is worth a look. More cameos than a Royal Doulton factory. But you wouldn't watch it on your PC. surely you'd stream it to your TV, and get the best of both worlds?

Raymond Wood said...

I completely agree that it is a challenge to stay connected, and even work, in the modern world without a decent internet connection. One could guess that sooner than later more of Australia will upgrade to high-speed internet because technology advances so quickly these days. Until then, it is probably an annoyance dealing with dial-up!

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