Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Harry Freame Story

Over the last few months, my Armidale Express history columns have been devoted to the mysterious life and death of Harry Freame, soldier, orchardist and spy.

I have not brought links to all the columns up in a single post on my New England History blog.  I think that it's quite a good yarn. You can follow the whole series through here.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant series Jim - thank you! Carries my earnest recommend to your other readers as a worthwhile hour spent.

That brief mention of hybrid corn being unable to produce seed for the next season triggered the collander that is my memory these days: a similar issue with rice was, I think, a flashpoint in an Indian film called Basmati Blues - otherwise forgettable except that the token European actress, Brie Larson, later ended up as the female lead in Captain Marvel.

A sidetrack, as always :)


Jim Belshaw said...

i'm glad that you liked the series, kvd. These series pose an interesting technical challenge. I have a 500 word limit on the columns, each column needs to stand alone to some degree, but still link. I hadn't quite intended this series to be as long as it ended, but even then I was leaving material out.

I never quite know what will fall out out of your collander mind! I hadn't heard of Basmarti Blues. Reading the Wikipedia entry, it doesn't sound as bad as presented! I wouldn't mind seeing it! The hybrid corn one brings in a new possible series about that remarkable man, Don Shand. I have written about him a little, but it is a good yarn.