Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sydney dog friendly pubs face apparent councils' crackdown

When I first went to England one thing I noticed was the presence of dogs in some pubs.

I wasn't sure about this. It wasn't an Australian practice, but I decided that I liked it.

Over recent years there appears to have been a slow expansion of Australian pubs allowing dogs at least in Sydney.

I don't own a dog at this point so this hasn't been a problem for me in a personal dog owner sense. The only issue is whether or not I like it as a customer. Again, I found that I didn't mind. In fact, having a drink with a friend who does own a dog was an enjoyable experience. The dog himself was quite fun, the dog friendly staff petted him and provided water and doggie treats, while the dog provided a very useful way of meeting other patrons and their dogs. There were very few problems. Maybe it's time I got a dog? 

I see from a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald by Andrew Taylor, (Crackdown on dog-friendly pubs prompt renewed push to change law, 23 February 2020) that some Sydney councils are cracking down on venues that allow dogs. This has led Jamie Parker, the Greens member for Balmain, to re-propose a law to explicitly allow dogs in pubs.

While I am not naturally a Greens' supporter and do not know enough of either the current legislative framework or Mr Parker's proposed bill to know whether or not I agree with its detail, I am certainly in agreement with the idea that pubs should be able to allow dogs. It adds to the texture of life. If customers object, let the market decide.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim
Thanks for this. I read the article in the SMH too. There are a couple of dog friendly (or one is indeed animal friendly) pubs in my area. They are great. It is true that people speak to you when you have your furry friend with you, far more so than if you are just with a group of humans. The only difficulty that might arise is when the dog is not adequately supervised. I can understand non-pet people objecting on those grounds, but if you are all present and correct, and keeping your eye out, there shouldn't be much of a problem. Oh and of course, keep alert if there is a child who wants to come to pat your dog.

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