Thursday, November 05, 2020

Which day would you nominate for "Bad Management Day."

Custer's last stand. When leadership goes wrong!

In a response to my post Saturday Morning Musings - on the modern fallacy of leadership, my old friend Noric Dilanchian came up with three rather good topics for me to write about: 

  •  “Desperately seeking great managers”
  • “Theory and management sausage, leadership sizzle”
  • “Great leaders at dawn, failed managers at sunset”
I will do so, but for the moment I am just recording his suggestions for later use, 

Searching around, I found the Custer graphic in a 2015 post by John Hollon, The Lessons of Custer: Five Things to Consider on “Bad Management Day” John suggests that 25 June should be "commemorated" as bad management day because it is the date of Custer's last stand.  

I see his point, but there are other choices. I wondered which date you might nominate to be selected for Bad Management Day?

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