Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blogging Woes

A few days ago I established a third a blog - - to focus on the management of professional services firms. I did so because I want to use this blog for conversation across the full range of my interests.

So far so good. However, Google's automated anti-spam system then decided that the new blog might in fact be a spam generator. This means that while I can still post, I have to keep filling in letters before I can do so. This happpens each time I save to draft. I do this a fair bit having lost previous posts, so it's time consuming and annoying. It also means that while the blog can still be found at its web address, there is some loss of access and I think indexing.

Worse still, Google has now extended the anti-spam system to this blog, presumably because of the link between the two.

Whatever my blogs may be, they are clearly not spam. I have sent the required follow up measures to Google so that they can inspect the sites. Hopefully this will not take too long, or I am going to expire from frustration.

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