Thursday, July 06, 2006

Exploring the blogosphere - Searches

One of the best and most enjoyable devices that I have found is to actually use the search facility on the blog.

These are far from perfect. For reasons that escape me, a search on this blog on blog, blogs, blogging yielded just one result when it should have thrown up several entries. Sometimes, too, you have to plough through a lot of ephemeral material to find a few nuggets. But it is still worth while.

This is best illustrated by example.

I found Gautum Ghosh's blog, Gautum Ghosh on Management - - through our common membership of LinkedinBloggers -

Gautum is an Indian HR professional. He uses his blog to talk talk about a range of management issues, especially from an Indian perspective. So when I found the blog I used the search engine to get an overview, searching on topics of particular interest.

I started by searching on professional services, finding 10 posts. These included several general posts on blogging that I scanned quickly for interest. In one I found a nugget, a link through to technorati -

I am sure that all the blogging experts know this site, I did not. It appears to be a very good blog search, monitoring and measurement site.

Drilling down, I searched on law firms, another interest of mine within professional services. In this case, no results. So I then searched on outsourcing, an interesting topic at present because of India's role. Here I found 29 posts, some containing interesting material.

I then looked at training, 27 posts. This showed me that the Indian discussions on topics such as training metrics were a subset of broader global discussions. I found some interesting links here, but did not pursue them because of time.

In all, I thought that this was not a bad yield for half an hour's investment, so will come back from time to time.

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