Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pause for Reflection

Thank you Neil for your positive comment on my latest post on the NSW Government's Ten Year Plan. I am now going to take a break until next week, although I reserve the right to change my mind.

Writing the type of posts I do takes time, sometimes a lot of time. The analysis of the NSW Plan has taken days of time across two blogs. The reason I do this is that I want my readers to understand where I am coming from, to then then put my views in a context.

In writing I am conscious that the majority of my readers are not from Australia. So if I am going to write on NSW or Australian issues, I have to put them in a context that a broader readership will understand. The best way of doing this is to link them to broader trends. Again, time is involved.

To my readers who are Australian Labor Party supporters, I have no idea of the numbers here, do not worry that I will not expose the non-Labor parties to the same scrutiny. In this context, next week I propose to take Peter Debnam's releases (he is the leader of the NSW opposition) and subject them to the same analysis.

I am only guessing at this point, but I expect to find the following:
  1. Most will be simply attacks on the Government
  2. The ideological base as it applies to the role of government will be identical to that of the Government
  3. There will be very few substantive releases warranting detailed analysis.

I may be wrong. I will be interested in the outcomes.

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