Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Access to Information - a NSW oddity

Did you know that NSW appears to be the only jurisdiction in Australia where you cannot find Government press releases? This may sound odd, but it appears to be true.

Elsewhere in Australia minsters have all their releases on line, they want you to read them. There is no NSW equivalent.

I found this out by accident when I was trying to research material on the NSW elections.

Being a logical kind of person, I thought let's have a look at what the Premier has said so that I can see the pattern, the things that he and the Government focus on. I searched and searched. Can't be done. The NSW Government does not make releases available on line.

I find this odd. I find it odder still that no one has commented on it.


Anonymous said...

I have often despaired about finding anything easily on either the NSW Government's or the Dept of Education's sites... On the other hand, there is NSW Government News.

Anonymous said...

In an Imre Salusinszky column in the Australian last week he did mention this - although not to a great extent.

He did note that it does seemingly make things easier for Iemma/the Government to present old things (ie funding, announcements) as if they are new.

Jim Belshaw said...

Neil, I know the NSW Government news site. I even did a search on it to find releases, but without success.

Katie,I did not see Imre's comment. He is right, of course, but it goes much further than that.It actually makes it very hard to drill down in any policy or program area.

The fact that so few journalists have commented does make we wonder how much they check back.