Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogging Woes - Technorati and Google Search

Just at the moment I am suffering from real blogging woes, woes to which I do not have a solution. Maybe someone else can help me.

If you do a Technorati search on this blog you will find that the blog is ranked 3,110,904 in the world with the message that no blogs link here yet. That's rubbish. You will also see that the last update was 319 days ago. I have pinged them and pinged them to get an update, but without results.

As a crosscheck, I did a search on Ninglun's blog. I often reference Neil's blog. But none of those references appear in Neil's rankings because this blog is not searched by Technorati.

Exactly the same thing happens with the New England Australia blog. Again I have pinged and pinged.

By contrast, both the Regional Living Australia and Managing the Professional Services Firm blog are checked, although the outcomes are far from perfect. So two blogs seem to be on some form of electronic black list.

I have another problem and new problem with Managing the Professional Services Firm blog. Three week ago traffic suddenly dropped by 90 per cent. At first I thought that this was just a statistical problem. Then when it continued, I went and checked.

As best I can work out, about three weeks ago all search engine hits stopped. I mean all. Not one. Not a single one. All traffic since has come from return visitors or site links. Again, all. So has this site gone onto some other electronic black list?

I don't know, but its very frustrating.


My thanks to Neil for his quick comment. Like Neil, I have just increased the number of posts shown on the front page because this gives me greater to add to and extend posts.


Anonymous said...

I always ping on Pingoat when I have updated. As for Technorati, it does fail at times. I suggest you email them and explain what is happening. Some time ago I noticed my Technorati hadn't updated for weeks, so I emailed them and they actually responded and fixed the problem!

Speaking of problems, Blogspot just rejected Draft 1!

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks for this Neil. I have pinged the first blog and will add the others as I complete the next round of updates.I have also emailed T.

Any views on the apparent search engine problem?

Anonymous said...

Not really. Google Blog Search under "Belshaw" lists your blogs right at the top of the page.

Mind you, have you ever thought of The mix of posts and free-standing pages could well suit your projects, and they give reliable stats.

(This is the 4th attempt to post a comment!)

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Neil. I have indeed noted your continuing problems with blogger. I am reluctant to shift because of the load, but I would like to try Wordpress.

Legal Eagle said...

Dear Jim,

I've had exactly the same problem, and only recently got updated on Technorati after I contacted their technical staff. Prior to that it said I had 0 links and it hadn't been updated for 336 days (almost a year!). Now it is accurate.

I've been thinking about moving to Wordpress for a long time because Blogger is irritating, but I just can't face moving everything across...


Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, LE. It's reassuring to know that T. will respond. So we are in the same position in regard to wordpress. Watching Neil experiment with his blog is a good ad for them.