Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I am completely pissed off!

As I write helicopters circle overhead.

Tonight was the launch of the Alex Buzo company. I will write about this later. Now I want to register a complaint.

I support APEC and am happy for President Bush to be here. I do not complain about either. My complaint is with the NSW Government.

Tonight coming home our main road was blocked. No explanation, other than that Mr Bush was coming. So we went a different route, wife and daughter swearing. Road blocked.

This time I got out. I went to the police and asked how we might get home. They did not know. They said we had to wait for an hour or so. We tried to ring ABC local radio - 702 - to complain. They were not interested.

Because we know the area well we found another, this time open, road. So now we are at home.

But why could the police not help us? Mr Bush was going down one road. They could have told us how to get home. By not telling us, they actually told us what road he was travelling on. And I could have got to that road based on the pattern of road blocks.

Note that my complaint is not about APEC nor Mr Bush. Just the briefing supplied to the police to help those affected.

Next morning

Sleep has probably restored some perspective. I accept that the police had a difficult task. Still, in the pre-planning they should have paid more attention to the advice to be provided to those affected.


Lexcen said...

So glad that I live in Melbourne.

Small Business USA said...

When they held the G8 in Genova I had to close my store for a week. Obviously I still had to pay rent, taxes and employees...

Since these are such important people perhaps we could send them on vacation say in some small town high in the ALPS where noone lives anymore.

Jim Belshaw said...

There is a lot to be said for Melbourne, Lexcen, and not just the absence of APEC.

That's interesting, David. Something of the same has been happening in Sydney, especially within the restricted area. The ALPS may be one answer.

I wonder whether there should be some form of compensation scheme for those most badly affected.