Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome Visitor 17,000

Welcome to visitor 17,000. He/she came direct from a Victorian bigpond address and checked a number of pages. Lexcen, my brother, or one of my other Victorian visitors? I know that whoever it is has been here before. I recognise the IP address.

Even as I write I can see that it was almost certainly Lexcen since he has just posted comments. Lexcen - and Neil who has also just posted a comment - I will respond, but I have to cook the traditional Sunday chook as soon as I finish this brief post.

Visitor 15,000 came on 31 July, visitor 16,000 on 2 September, so there has been a real increase in traffic. This was largely due to my APEC pages. I was surprised at the number of hits here.

It's a bit like a newspaper, I guess. Topical gains attention. I do not write this blog to gain attention. However, a bit of attention is nice.


Lexcen said...

Not me Jim, I'm with Optus.

Jim Belshaw said...

What a pity, Lexcen. It would have been nice if you had had this position.

Anonymous said...

Might have been me? Not sure... :D

I have still been reading, but not commenting - things have been a bit hectic and I have been stressed, but hopefully better now.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi LE. Hope that things are indeed better. Nice to think that it might have been you.