Monday, November 26, 2007

The Horrors of Tidying Up

When at home I work from a small back office, really just an extension of the kitchen. Since I do most of the cooking, office plus kitchen are my work areas. And what a mess it has all become!

I have therefore been forced to do some tidying up, something that I have been putting off for a very long time. The trigger was not just the realisation that I could not find things. More importantly, it had got to the stage that I simply could not do things properly. In fact, at all.

The cats have become an added problem. They regard any pile of papers as something to sit on or, worse, to play with. This gives rise to a constant cascade effect. The dear animals also moult everywhere.

Of all the places they like, my desk is their favourite. Preferably just in front of the monitor. Or on the mouse pad. So I am constantly trying to move them.

Ah well, back to it.

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