Friday, November 09, 2007

School Days End

Photo: Helen and Clare, Clare's 18th

As I write there is a speaker just behind me, blasting out into the back yard. It is quite hard to concentrate.

Denise, Helen and Raj (a friend of Helen's) have taken refuge in the lounge room. I cannot, since I want to blog.

This morning I took Clare to school in uniform for her last Higher School Certificate exams. The last ever morning school drive, the second last time in uniform - the last will be breaking up.

Tonight Clare has a group of friends over for a party to celebrate the end of the HSC. It's not a big group, maybe thirty, and they are all dancing on the lawn to the sound of the music. The house has an outdoor area with its own lighting next to the lawn. And my back office. Hence the speaker and the noise.

A little later

I had to take a break to light a fire in the garden. There are a lot of gums in the street around here, so it's easy to pick up wood. The garden also has a big bed, making a fire safe as well as fun.

Concentration is hard. I will break.

Still later

I am clearly getting old. I have managed to finish a post on another blog, but the noise is giving me a head ache! It's raining again, but the fire is still going, and people are rolling in the wet grass.


Koren said...

Congratulations to Clare and to the rest of your family, Jim.

So many pressures are placed on kids and their families in their final year of school, make sure you all celebrate this huge achievement accordingly! (Sounds like they're on the right track already...)

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, BC. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed re the UAI. As best I can see, the celebrations will run for some time!