Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blog Perfomance February 2008

This has been a somewhat frustrating month from a blogging perspective because other time pressures made it very hard for me to maintain regular posting. I finally had to put posting on some blogs on hold until the end of the month.

This slow posting has begun to affect numbers on individual blogs.

I had hoped in February to make real progress in looking at past posts, updating and consolidating. I have now written a fair number of posts. If we look at posts by blog:

  • Personal Reflections 572
  • New England Australia 247
  • Managing the Professional Services Firm 192
  • Regional Living Australia 191
  • Management Perspectives 117
  • New England's History 70
  • History of Australian and New Zealand Thought (includes Rafe's posts) 32
  • Total 1,421

Accepting that some of the posts are short, some are cross-posts, it's still a lot of writing. This makes it hard for me, more so for readers, to remember just what I have said in the past.

The same issue applies to other blogs that I read on a regular basis. I have a reasonably good memory, but do not remember everything that Neil as an example has written. Because Neil and I so often bounce off each other, some of his posts are essential building blocks in my own writing.

I have reasonably broad interests. This further complicates matters because it means that there are many unfinished threads.

Given all this, I have set March as a consolidation and review month, a chance to look back and reflect not just on my own blogs, but also others that are of particular interest to me.

Turning now numbers, visitor numbers to end February follow. The totals exclude my own visits.

Assuming my maths is correct, early morning calculations are not always accurate, total visitor numbers were 3,710 in February as compared to 3,656 in January, 2,844 in December, 3,612 in November.

Page views in February were 9,456 as compared to 9,485 in January, 7,447 in December, November 9,239. Since November was a record, I am still holding at the higher level despite my slow posting.

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