Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magnetic Island in transit - updating a few blog posts

My plane does not leave Townsville for several hours, so I am waiting on here on Magnetic Island, taking the time to catch up on a little blogging. The computer is in fact in the resort's lobby, giving me a view of water and the ferry terminal (photo).

I have been out of touch with the world, so I have little idea as to what has been happening beyond snippets picked up on the TV news. Really a good thing, because the break has given me a chance to catch up, including time for a stocktake on the things that I have had on my list to write about. Its become quite a long list, so I have been doing a bit of pruning.

The FICPI (Australian Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys) Conference itself has given me a fair bit to mull over.

In preparing my conference presentation I went back over past blog posts on corporatisation, using one long blog post I had written triggered by the float of Slater & Gordon, Corporatisation, Corporate Structures and the Law - The Case For, as a base for a new paper. Once I have written this up, I can make it available as a stand-alone paper.

Some of the presentations at the conference not only gave me material for new posts, but also caused me to shift some of my views. Not a dramatic change, more a shift at the margins.

Mmm! Looking at the time, I am going to have to move. But first, a few of my more recent posts on other blogs:

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