Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christian Truths

I did not intend to post again today. I am flying out shortly, but I have been listening to the Pope celebrate mass.

Regardless of one's views on Christianity or any of its sub-divisions, the faith offers two great liberating truths.

The first, in the old words, is forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

There are two legs here.

One leg is forgiveness of our own weaknesses, faults and sins. This allows us to put our past aside, to try to do better. The second leg is to treat others in the same way.

The second great liberating truth is to treat thy neighbour as thyself. So as you judge, shall you be judged.

One can argue detail. For example, these two truths do not stop one arguing against injustice. Indeed, they almost require it.

In all, its not a bad basis for a faith.


Anonymous said...


A copy/paste of my own feelings sent to family members around noon today:

I have been avoiding this for a day or so, but driving around this morning, I found myself increasingly agitated by the hysterical treatment of His Holiness during this week.

Forget the money-lenders in the merchandise tents (pope on a rope) and the queasy feeling I had when watching a 30 second grab of the Stations of the Cross (faintly blasphemous I thought) but this personality cult being attached to HH is quite at odds with my own feelings that a person's religion is for him/her to sort out with his/her God. Or not.

Apparently the high point later today is HH announcing the venue for the next WYD!?

So I just want to record, before it is uttered, that I will be physically ill if I hear this WYD declared to be 'the best ever'.

Anyway, as Dave Allen was wont to say - 'May your God go with you'

This last I can identify with.

Anonymous said...


I apologise for an anonymous comment without my 'name'. Must indicate something I guess.

It is kvd - and life as it is lived remains good in The Valley.

I read yours as interesting and enjoyable as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm completely irreligious myself, but religions do encourage a recognition of our common humanity, and for every religious crime (and there are a lot) there are as many aetheist crimes as well. Leftwing Pope-phobia is as silly as right-wing Islam-phobia.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are still flying - and therefore can deny all responsibility for these and other comments.

In reply to Geoff - but more specifically to re-state my own feelings - I would simply say that I am as equally dismayed by the current euphoria as I am by that exhibited by young innocents of any religious persuasion.

Left-wing, right-wing. Where did that come from?

What is 'left' or 'right' about commenting upon religous fervour of any flavour?

I agree completely with Jim's simple comments, but the idolatry now accorded HH is for me quite uncomfortable and unsettling.

That's all I wished to say - and so Geoff Robinson misses the point I sought to make. Or maybe/probably I did not make it clear enough - my apologies.


Anonymous said...

I, having witnessed some of it "live" here in Surry Hills, found WYD to be a quite amazing cultural event. I also found much of the media coverage, commercial TV especially, more than a touch sycophantic, I'm afraid -- and possibly hypocritical too if you think about it. I am sure the channel bosses are so sincere. However, I found myself quite delighted by much that I saw in actuality as distinct from in the media.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi all. Just back and very tired. I really should go away more often!

I expressed my own feelings in the post. I found many elements of WYD uplifting. I will respond to all when I have caught up on all the backlog of things I have to do.