Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Michael Fussell and the importance of blogging

Traffic on the New England Australia blog has gone crazy. Never before have I had 290 page views on any blog. Part of the spike comes from Tamworth Floods November 2008, much more from TAS Old Boy Michael Fussell killed in Afghanistan. This last post has also attracted a number of condolence comments from Michael's former colleagues.

I mention this because it goes to the heart of something I have mentioned before, our role as bloggers. We write because we want to share our views, but we also write in a public forum. Sometimes, something happens that shows us that we can have an impact at a purely personal level.

I wrote the post on Michael because of the connection through our old school. When I realised that the post was attracting interest from those with a direct connection to Michael, I updated it. Then, when the first comment arrived, I said thanks.

I have not responded to any other comment because they are so personal. They are messages from people who knew Michael or at least had some connection. They reduced me to tears. They may have the same effect on you.

I did respond to the comments by arranging to forward them to TAS Head Murray Guest. Murray also supplied basic funeral details - I have added these to the posts I wrote and will repeat them below.

Every so often something happens that justifies what we do, that shows that sometimes pain of blogging is worthwhile. This is one of those times. I feel honoured that I have met a need.

Funeral details

Murray Guest has advised that Michael's funeral will be held at Armidale's Old Teachers' College at 10:00am on Saturday 6 December.

For those who do not know Armidale, the TC stands in a prominent position on South Hill. There is plenty of parking around it. It is also in easy walking distance from the town centre.


Aldhis said...

Please give my condolences to Michael's family.
I believe that he finally arrived in Father's home and his life in this world has achieved His purpose.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thank you, Aldhis. I will add your condolences to those I pass on.