Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The importance of Christmas lights

I had to laugh.

I went down to our local service stations to buy things. Just across the road, three blokes were inspecting the Christmas lights they had erected. This has become a major Australian tradition in recent years. They were clearly pleased.

I forgot something, so was back at the servo ten minutes later. There was mum with the two kids also inspecting the lights. They were not quite right, so she was issuing instructions.

I laughed and came home to tell my wife. She laughed, and said quite right too. Mums are boss!


Aldhis said...

Hi Jim, how are you? It's been a while for me not to blog due to long weekend holiday.

Well, we have to teach our tradition to the kids, don't we?

Jim Belshaw said...

I am well, Aldhis, but busy. I am working on-site at the moment, so this plus two hours travelling time is making it damn difficult to keep up with posting!

You comment is right, but it was the male-female thing that really ammused me. I would bet that this holds across all cultures!