Monday, August 31, 2009

Belshaw's Best - Australia's Aborigines - an introductory post

I have included this post in this series because it marks the start of what has become something of a journey in a personal and intellectual sense.

I began this 20 December 2006 post with these words:

I have so far hesitated to write anything on issues connected with Australia's aborigines because this area has become a bit of a mine field, especially for some one like me who does not have much direct contact with aboriginal people. However, events have conspired to create a need for me to make some comments.

Unlike then, I now do have contact with Aboriginal people. I work with them every day. However, looking at the post I find it interesting that the views I expressed then are still present in my writing and thinking. While my views have changed on certain points and have certainly become a lot deeper, I remain convinced of the need to recognise the diversity in Aboriginal experience, to establish facts and to avoid stereotyping.


Tikno said...

I like you last sentence:
"... to establish facts and to avoid stereotyping."

Jim Belshaw said...

I reqally do think that this is important, Tikno.