Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congratulations to the Express's Janene Carey

After writing Armidale mum and writer's million dollar book deal I received an email from Christian, Editor of the Armidale Express, that really added to my personal pleasure in this story. Christian wrote: 

Saw your blog re the million dollar mum. You will be pleased to know that the dear old Express actually beat the Herald to that yarn. Janene works for me and I sent the story to the SMH after we had run with it.

It is, of course, nice to know as an Express columnist that my editor sometimes reads my blog. It's even nicer to know that it was an Armidale journalist who featured on the SMH front page with her own by-line even if with no attribution to the Express!

Congratulations, Janene. I really feel very pleased.

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