Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Refugees, good economic news and a Rudd poll slump

Yesterday in Australia's remarkable economic performance I spoke of the latest economic assessment. Australia is the only developed country expected to achieve economic growth over 2009. Now a Newspoll has been released suggesting a dramatic fall in the Government's popularity. William Bowie has good coverage.

The poll results may be a statistical aberration, another poll does not show the same outcome. However, commentary is linking the decline to the refugee issue. I am not sure that this is correct. To quote William Bowie on the second poll:

Supplementary questions show mixed messages on asylum seekers: one shows support for a tough line and an apparent belief that the Rudd government is delivering, but 55 per cent rate its handling of the issue “not so good/poor” against 36 per cent “excellent/good”. Significantly, a further question shows people do not think the Liberals would do any better.

All very strange.

In a comment on  Refugees and a contempt for the ordinary person, Ramana pointed to the difficulties faced by India on refugees. Australia does not have India's problems. Here the question of the boat people is, in an objective sense, not very important. By this I simply mean that Australia has far more pressing longer term needs and problems. So the Australian debate really links to and is only important because of perceptions.   

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