Monday, July 25, 2011

Problems with sex crazed vampires

Stories about sex crazed vampires are not my normal reading. However, sometimes duty calls!

Z Clare  Agrappina Belshaw has decided to change her hair style, her Facebook photo and her immediate plans.

Clare Jul11 She asked me what I thought about the hair style. I ask you, how does a Dad respond to such a fundamental change. Answer? With a gulp and a pause.

It does suit her, it's a bit like her mum's, but I had to get used to it.

Clare's views about university have changed as well. She has decided to defer completion of her degree for a semester, get a job, and focus on her drawing and writing. That makes two of us at the one time. That's a bit unsustainable! 

Now Clare's writing tastes are a little different from mine. While I labour away often stretching the patience of my few dedicated readers, Clare trips a light fantastic across obscure (to me!) sub-genres from very bad comics to sex crazed vampires and computer games.

As part of this, she has revived her blogging with A good whine. Her latest post, Vampire Porn, a Guilty Pleasure - Spoilers, begins:

Vampire porn really should be it's own sub-genre, there's vampire teen porn such as Twilight (Check the link bellow for an amazing blog that trashes it completely) or more respected works such as Vampire Academy which I haven't read. Then there is adult vampire porn, things such as True Blood or my personal favorite and the topic of this blog Anita Blake Vampire Hunter.

Already I fear that Z Clare (and, no, I won't explain the Z: I'm not sure that I fully understand it myself!) is displaying some of the signs of addiction that affect (infect?) her father. Why, she said, I have already had 260 page views! Those stats are dangerous things.

   So do make Clare's day by visiting and adding to the stats.

And, Clare, when you find this post as you probably will if you check your stats, just a reminder. You still owe me some drawings to liven up this blog! 


It took Clare just one hour after getting up to spot this post. She checked her stats as I thought she might, and found a visitor from this blog.

Postscript 2

I am pleased to report that as of this morning (27 July), Clare had received twelve click-throughs from this story. Not a lot by global standards. Still, as Clare, said, "not too shabby!" 


Anonymous said...

Well now she's had two.

But I must say I did a doubletake of your own address when I first saw the post heading. Not your normal style. Daughters are great fun except when they're incomprehensible, I think. Then they are just simply great.


Jim Belshaw said...

Good evening KVD.

I chose the heading because I thought that it might attract attention and search engines, thus promoting Clare's blog!

But it's a bit sad to think that my headings are so predictable as to make you doubltetake. Maybe I need more variety.

I find daughters great even when incomprehensible. Put the two together and they go in some very strange directions indeed1

Legal Eagle said...

I think I'd get along well with her. I once wrote a graphic novel with a friend about a re-animated corpse called Curtis.

Legal Eagle said...

Incidentally, I seriously had a dream the other night where vampires were having a war and biting humans to recruit them for their war. And no, I haven't been reading vampire graphic novels.

Jim Belshaw said...

LE, how remarkable! You would indeed get on with Clare.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it had been "Administrative And Integration Problems with sex crazed vampires from a New England Perspective: Economic Implications Thereof" I must say I would have felt more at home, and looked forward to your musings.

Not that I'm suggesting you are at all predictable, mind.


Jim Belshaw said...

Le, one phrase out of the Edding's books is simply how remarkable. You would definitely get on well with Clare!

KVD, you musn't do that to me! I was taking a sip when I read your comment, and then laughed and spluttered!

Rummuser said...

Try incomprehensible with sons. You have got to see my son's hair style to understand. Also his views on life in general and the advise that he keeps doling out to his old man! It would also pay to remember that he is forty! Perhaps you should gently guide Clare to my two posts on Alopecia Totalis – and Alopecia Totalis – II

Jim Belshaw said...

I will do so, Ramana. Ah, advice from one's children. I'm sure that it gets worse as they get older!

Legal Eagle said...

Hah, I was one of the people who went to go read too. And I had to agree with her, that vampire dude had seriously implausible muscles, even for a vampire. How can one take him seriously?

My latest graphic novel project was a retelling of the Scottish Tam Lin story, but obviously with all the other things I have on it just isn't going anywhere.

And yes, I do recall "How remarkable" from Eddings. IIRC, it was Belgarath's wife-wolf who used to say it...I think I would get on well with all the Belshaws, dare I say it!!!

Jim Belshaw said...

I hadn't heard of the Tam Lin story, LE! For the benefit of other readers -

I do suspect that you would indeed get on with the Belshaws. Mutual insanity!

Those muscles are very strange indeed.

Legal Eagle said...

Oh you hadn't heard of Tam Lin? I did a major in Medieval studies in my Arts degree, as well as History. :-) I did every Celtic subject there was, begorrah!

Maybe I should send you and Clare my first few pages...

Jim Belshaw said...

I wasn't greatly interested in the celts as celts, LE That came a little later via fantasy.

Please do send us the first few pages. Clare would probably be interested. Certainly I would.