Friday, July 01, 2011

A token post

Yesterday was quite frustrating. I had access to a computer, and then blogger went down!

The difficulties I mentioned in Australia, Indonesia & the live cattle imbroglio continue. The Australian Government has announced a $30 million assistance package for the industry, bringing the total cost to the taxpayer so far to $38 million. It probably won't end there.

In Stats to kingdom come, Neil Whitfield provided some fascinating stats on the students at NSW (mainly Sydney) selective high schools. Essentially, students from language backgrounds other than English now overhwelmingly dominate enrollments. I knew that, but hadn't realised the extent. I record it now because I want to come back to those stats.

In a comment on "Whigs, law & the concept of progress, Legal Eagle wrote:

I feel a post brewing.
I look forward to it.

On Twitter,  asked: hi Jim. "Would my gr 7 students be able to email you if they have some questions about a history assignment? Just general stuff?" That's a first, so I said yes.

All for now. This is just a token post!


Legal Eagle has has now published her promised post -  Quality not quantity: sometimes more law doesn’t mean better.


Legal Eagle said...

I couldn't restrain myself any longer and have posted:

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, LE. I have added the link as a postscript.