Sunday, December 18, 2011

Problems with swimming pools

Somehow yesterday escaped me, at least in a blogging sense. There were just too many domestic things I needed to do.

When we moved into our current house last March we inherited a swimming pool. It became the bane of my life, always green. Over the last few days with some professional help we have at least made it swimmable.

To finally fix it, I dumped two entire lots of chlorine in, then painfully cleaned the bottom and water. The water was tested, leading to the addition of acid, and will be tested again Tuesday with further chemicals to be added.

During the peak Sydney water restrictions, I complained about the way in which pool owners were given preference over gardeners. Having now gone through the whole process of pool fixing, I wish I had known those details at the time. I had no idea just how much pool water gets put into drains, nor the technical complexity of it all.

I really don't feel comfortable dumping all these chemicals into water just so that I can have a swim. The prices are also somewhat horrendous. Had I known what I know now about private swimming pools, I could have been far more sarcastic and indeed targeted in my attacks on water restriction. That's life, I guess.  


sue said...

Hi Jim
Chanced on your blog by happy accident a short time ago. Glad you are still writing and reflecting ... blogging is a wonderful medium.

sue (Queanbeyan)

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Sue. Great to hear from you.Wasn't sure if toy were still at Ross Road. Email me (ndarala(at)optusnetnet(dot)com(dot)au and I will catch you up.