Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A gentle indulgence - Australian farm life

Today is a day for gentle indulgence focused just on a few of my favourite blogs. I have mentioned them all before. No doubt I will in the future. For the moment, I Ron Vickers at Glenroy, c1950'sam just indulging.

Denis Wright had two more rather nice family posts.

To set the scene, here courtesy of cousin Jamie is a photo of Uncle Ron from the 1950s. The focus is on the equipment, but note the dog on the left.

Denis's two posts - Our family farm in the 1950s (1) and Our family farm in the 1950s (2) - are snapshots from the 1950s. Note the importance of machinery!

In modern days, Ochre Archives presents a picture of farm life now.

I don't want to, indeed I can't, spend a lot of time writing tonight. So I just leave all this with you.   

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