Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday morning musings - return from Parkes

Flying back from Parkes yesterday afternoon, on the Regional Express (Rex) Saab 340, I finally relaxed. It had been a tense meeting. Not tense for those attending, just teFile:REX VH-ZRE Saab 340B (Plus) at Wagga Wagga Airport.jpgnse for me because, as program manager, it was very important to me that it be a success. Later, when it's all over, I will write something about my current project. I hope, I expect, to have something really positive to say. But not now.

After the meeting, the team gathered in the Royal Hotel for a drink. The names of Australia's pubs reflect different stages in Australia's history; the Royal, the Station, the Railway, the Commercial, all now frozen in history's aspic.

I like my work colleagues. Despite the growing difficulties, they care. That, too, is something that I should write about when this contract is over. It's part of the reason why I remain positive despite what I see as growing systemic problems, those who apply universals to current issues. We yarned about new approaches to  project management and to community engagement. It was a very specific conversation; what worked and what didn't.

I loved the conversation, but was restless.  It was my job to get people onto the plane. Chatting to the barman, I worked out time to airport, then rang the Parkes' taxi service to arrange pick-up from the pub. Now I could relax a little, I only had to get the cats - you try herding cats - outside the front door at the right time.

The Saab 340 has leather seats. Finally, on the plane and sunk into those seats, I could really relax. I started reading. But that story comes tomorrow!       


Winton Bates said...

I had to look up aspic. I imagined that it might mean armpit, or something like that.
Perhaps I should take more interest in cooking!

Jim Belshaw said...

Perhaps you should, Winton! I should really have said preserved rather than frozen. That might have made the meaning clearer. But armpits indeed!