Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sleeper posts - memories of Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Stadium

All regular bloggers who have been around for a while have sleeper posts, posts that continue to attract interest and sometimes comments long after publication. Memories of Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Stadium is one such post. Posted on 19 July 2009, it has so far attracted 1080 visits.

That's quite a lot, but here it's not the numbers that count, but the continuing comments. Have a look at them. My feeling is that I should turn the comments and some other comments on related posts into a full new post to see if I can attract some answers. It's building into quite a nice human interest story.   


Rummuser said...

I have turned off comments after thirty days of publication to prevent spammers. Otherwise, I was attracting too many. So, while I do have all the past posts intact, no new comments are added.

I once saw a local tough getting the pasting of his life from someone half his size. It was not a pretty sight but the crowd, which had been terrorised by that tough were cheering the lad up like it was a prayer answered.

I had always wanted to go back and find out what happened eventually to the tough and the locals, but could not. One of those unsolved questions in my life.

Yes, I think that there is a nice new post evolving from that old one.

Jim Belshaw said...

I can imagine, Ramana. My spam trap catches most of them, but it's still a nuisance. On the other hand, we economists do like that phrase!, I gain a lot. It probably was a prayer answered!

Thinking about the Sharman troupe but also bout the Mutiny book that I's reading, it's really interesting how attitudes change.