Sunday, December 16, 2012

Astrolabe Road gardening update

This is the latest photo of the main garden at Astrolabe Road with kvd and Legal Eagle's chairs in view.P1000982

One of the rules of home gardening is that you should eat what you grow. I haven't quite managed that!

I find that I don't necessarily want to eat what I have. Given this, what did I get from this little plot?

Pretty obviously from recent posts, a plethora of tomatoes: and three (!) beetroots, lots of silver beet, beans, a range of salad vegetables plus spring onions. Now I am replanting, while also rotating the other beds.

Time to continue with my gardening.


Anonymous said...


You have an uncomfortable habit of displaying or considering the 'whole truth'. Those tomato vines look forlorn, not to say ravished.

Anyway, it seems I have a book to read (three cheers and many kudos Winton!) so I now have need of that chair for a higher purpose.

I will look forward to the next planting.


Jim Belshaw said...

They do look sad. It's partly that they weren't watered, more that they are at the end of their cycle. I don't have a kindle, by the way, so I don't think that I can download Winton's book. I have to find another way. Or maybe I just buy a kindle?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

Below is my email to Winton, perhaps a reflection of your own problem?


Scratch last email; found it!

But then I was required to create an amazon id - because I don't have one - then the only selection was 'kindle cloud reader - neither of which I use (kindle or cloud) - and then a whole screen of personal info - which I never give.

So I killed the screen.

That just leaves me in the unfortunate position of having given amazon my email address, previously known only to several close associates and some other trusteds of my choosing.

The kindle thing is not a worry as is it a free download for my iPad. But I really do resent the privacy intrusion enforced by amazon.

Seriously, that email address is used by maybe 10 individuals and three organisations, including the ICAA.


Jim Belshaw said...

Ah, the wonders of the internet! I am responding to emails direct.